Sad Shayari about true sadness

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Sad शायरी: The most emotionally sad shayari in Hindi and English for those living with pain and broken hearts.

Yaha par hum Hindi aur English dono tarah ki shayari share karte hai. Phele aapko shayari Hindi mai dikhe gi, aur niche English mai.

उदास हिंदी दर्द की शायरी

  • Sad Shayari In Hindi 1Jo log kahte hai sabar karo, sabar karne se vo mera nahi ho jaaye gi.
  • Sad Shayari In Hindi 2Mujey jhut bolne ki addat nahi hai aur loggo ko such sunne ki.
  • Sad Shayari In Hindi 3Aaj lag ki duniya apne baato ko chutkale bol kar kuch bhi bol deti hai.
  • Sad Shayari In Hindi 4Sabne kaam nikal k bhul jaate hai, ab toh mai khud bhi nahi chahta ki mujey koi aur chaahe.
  • Sad Shayari In Hindi 5Waqt toh nikal lege, dikhat to yadoon mai hai.

The Best Yet Most Emotional Sad Shayari In English

  • Sad Shayari In English 1Life is what we make it. It can be beautiful or it can be difficult. But it always goes on, with or without us.
  • Sad Shayari In English 2They said the heart was made to be broken, but damn it, it hurt too much because I care too much.
  • Sad Shayari In English 3She saw my WhatsApp message and I waited for her reply, that was a week ago.
  • Sad Shayari In English 4The times are changing but my clock is the same, it’s stuck at the worst hour.
  • Sad Shayari In English 5People talk too much about me and care too little to know the truth.

The time of sadness once more than once in everybody’s life. It’s horrible and unbarring, holding it in is more painful. So, to help people show their feeling, they make shayari like these, which can tick with anyone who is going through the same. Sharing them might help you connect with more people.

Very Sad Shayari

This is our best and the saddest shayaris collection. We hope you will like them and if they resonate with you, you can share them on WhatsApp, FB, or any other app you wish.

About Sad Shayari Website

We started in the hope to help people who are feeling extremely sad, we try to help them resonate with those who are going through the same thing but typing to let the world know about their pain in these amazing poems. Some poets also try to make sad shayari about others’ pain and sadness, and we help them reach more people. Every visitor here is allowed to personally use anything we share.

Why do people write sad Shayari?

People cope with sadness in many different ways, some go out of their way to make new friends and know more people, while others try to visit old friends, relatives, and family. Whereas people who love writing try their best to put their feelings into words and sometimes a Shayari.

How to stop feeling sad about the past?

Sadness is a plague that seems to catch up to everyone sooner or later but there are ways to deal with it.

When it becomes uncomfortable to let go of the past, we become sad and frequently make bad choices. There might be because of a variety of reasons, including the fear that letting go would jeopardize something valuable. Yet, keep holding on to the past will definitely make it more difficult to progress, which is a fact in this reality. However, to help you in some way, we will give you the advice we imply to ourselves, which might be the most helpful in coping with your past but it will make the sad moments a bit easier to deal with.

Our way is writing sad things to let the feeling out, if not in a straightforward way then an encrypted message. A shayari could also be that, not all shayaris are understood by everyone, some are only those understand who feel the same way as you.

Dealing with sadness is not easy but neither it is impossible, you must have hope.