Love Shayari In Hindi & English Collection


Sharing new love Shayari is something that we truly specialize in, you will find hundreds of Shayari in हिंदी and English, adored each day by our readers who are sharing them on social media. Everything here is free-to-use, so go on and pick your favorites for your loved one.

पार की हिंदी शायरी

  • Hindi Mai Love Ki Shayari
    Hindi Mai Love Ki Shayari

    प्यार करने वाले गरीब नहीं होते, मेमसाब.

  • खुद को प्यार करना जिंदगी की सबसे बड़ी मोहब्बत होती है.
  • मैं पतंग की तरह, और तुम रस्सी, जितना किछो गी मैं तोह उतना ही पास आ जाऊ गा.
  • प्यार दिल से कया जाता है, दिमाग से नहीं, जितना ज्यादा सोचोगे, उतना ही दूरियां बढ़ती जाए गई.
  • उनके लिए मत रोइये जो आप से प्यार ही नहीं करते.
  • जो प्यार मे है उनका मन भर सकता है, लेकिन जो प्यार मे दुब गए उनका निकलना नामुनकिन है.
  • जैसे की हर शायरी के 2 श्लोक होते हैं, वैसे ही तुम मेरा दूसरा भाग हो।
  • ये मत सोचाचिये की भविस्ये मै क्या करो गे, एक प्यार भरा दिन पूरी जिंदगी से भी ज्यादा हो सकता है.

More love shayari…

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Share your love in the language you are most comfortable in and if that is Hindi for you then we are here to help. Since we have gotten so used to typing with standard keyboards, switching to Hindi is hard and it has a long learning curve. So, we decided to share Shayari in Hindi script and also convert famous English poetries into Hindi, we hope you will enjoy these romantic lines and share them with your beloved.


  • Hinglish Love Saying
    Hinglish Love Saying

    Agar tum waha ho… toh mai bhi waha hi hu.

  • Arre pyaar hi nahi kiya hota toh kyo diya tha ye dil humne, khaali dil se kese jiye jindgi.
  • Puch rahe the hame kya chaahiye jo ki tum le kar aao ge, bhul gaye ki jo hamme chaahiye vo toh apne aap hi aa rahe hai.
  • Bahut kar liya pyaar tum insano se, mera khuta hi khafi hai mere dil k liye.

Now you can share your love in the most popular language that is used on the internet in India, Hinglish (Hindi and English combination). Our mobile and computer keyboards are standardized in English alphabets because it is the international language, you can change it and learn to write in Hindi but even then you still would need to know how to type with the default English keyboard because every device has that, hence, we become accustomed to it. As our typing on the default keyboard got faster, switching to a Hindi keyboard was a very hard choice, and that’s where Hinglish came to the rescue. By the way, here is a fun fact, all letters in the English language are inherited from Latin.

The Best Love Shayari In English

  • English Love Poetry
    English Love Poetry

    Miss happenings happen, but if they brought me closer to you, they were just blessings.

  • A person who half-reads others to start judging can never be romantic.
  • The funny part of love is that you can’t the one you love, the funnier is that you still try, but the funniest is… you just failed again.
  • Maybe what breaks you apart is the guilt that you broke my heart.
  • I don’t need someone perfect, a little love now and then would be enough to satisfy this hollow.

Our English poetries are user-submitted and we only select the ones that truly speak the language of love and care. If we talk about all the English poets on the internet, they publish over a hundred thousand love poetries every day on different platforms, but our aim here is to choose only the best out of the best and share them here with you, to make this website the perfect platform for all things related to love.

Short One Line Shayari

  • Seeing you is like seeing my heart manifest before me.
  • Those you have loved have become a part of your life that breakups can’t break apart.
  • The world can’t help me, my sadness can only be filled by your love.

How to write your own love Shayari?

Love Shayari is used to express our love in the most wholesome ways that anybody would appreciate. It’s only appropriate for you to try and make your own Shayari, which will definitely be unique and express things that nobody else could. So, reading these few points might help you with your journey.

As a beginner, you should not try too hard to make your Shayari rhyme but you should keep in mind that every line should have a purpose for its existence. Lines that rhyme that doesn’t make sense are as worthless and a waste of the reader’s time.

Read as many as you write, your own unique will come with more practice in time, however, as a starter, you should follow the pattern of famous poets and how they write their poems. Their tones, use of sentence constructors, and in what way it ends.

Since you are here on a love Shayari website, we assume you plan to write something love related too. Considering that, you can take inspiration from what we have published.

Now comes the part about making it rhyme, which won’t be a big hassle after a few tries. The secret to that is to use connecting syllables, the use of syllables and there should be some words in the first letter matching the next word. You can use the dictionary for that to find the word you are about to use and try to look at synonyms for that which could rhyme with the previous word.

Try these for now, and we will keep posting new Shayaris of love and more updates on