Work and Sadness Monday Shayari

These top 3 work Shayari will make you think about work and life a bit more and the sadness of working tirelessly for someone else’s dreams. Mondays are when people start the week by working hard and giving their best efforts. It‘s a special day when people wake up early, plan their work, and do their best to make things better. Everyone working on Monday is motivated to get better results and help each other out. But isn’t it burning us out? Not only it’s we burn our soul into working too much on Monday but we also keep on thinking about work the day before which really messes up our weekends. Let’s take a look at what legends shayaris say about working too much.

Sad Monday Shayari

  1. Boredom ShayariBoredom can’t beat my inspiration, I have got a great ambition to die of exhaustion.
  2. Burnout from Work Shayari
  3. Dewey Dell ShayariExplanation: Dewey Dell got up and looked at the person on their pillow. They were very tired but still seemed to be guarding themselves from being able to rest fully even though they knew this moment of rest would not last long.