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In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is one of the three main deities. He is considered to be the destroyer but he’s also a cure for all kinds of diseases and chaos in life, often depicted with four arms and a trident.

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There are shrines dedicated to Shiva in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, where worshipers believe Shiva created, protects, and transforms the universe.

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People all over the world pray to Shiva and make special offerings to him. In Hinduism, Shiva is an important deity. Though he’s known as the destroyer, he can also be very kind and gentle. Mount Kailash is Shiva’s home with Parvati and their kids. Different people worship him in different ways, and he has symbolism like a serpent around his neck and a trident weapon.

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If you ask me how the Hindu lord Shiva looked in photos then I would say strong and energetic. But lord Shiva is popular for his appearance with a third eye in the center of brows. People say he does this to destroy evilness, illusions, and unhappiness in people’s lives. The third eye is also used to spread love and truth. There are many popular arts of lord Shiv with different looks but the most used image of him in Hinduism is him sitting in a lotus position.

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